This table may vary from time to time in accordance with the Airline Reward Scheme Terms and Conditons. It is the responsibility of the Member to check whether a proposed flight is eligible to earn Aquire Points, and if so how many Aquire Points will be earned in the applicable booking class, before a booking is made.

Important Information

A business must be an Aquire Member to earn Aquire Points. A join fee of $89.50 applies. Fees are inclusive of any applicable GST and may be varied by Qantas from time to time, without notice, in its absolute discretion. Aquire Points are offered under the Qantas' terms and conditions and earning thresholds may apply. Aquire membership and Aquire Points are subject to the Aquire terms and conditions.

*Subject to the Airline Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions, Aquire Points are earned for each segment travelled on Eligible Flights by an Aquire Flyer. A segment is a portion of the journey between two consecutive points listed on an itinerary. The number of Aquire Points is calculated by applying the percentage Earn Rate to the number of Qantas Points earned by a Bronze member in each respective booking class (including cabin bonus and minimum points guarantee if applicable and excluding any bonus Qantas Points which may be offered from time to time) as specified in the Qantas Frequent Flyer Categories in the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program, for the applicable travel date.

^This annual cap applies to the total points earned together by all Group Members under the Airline Reward Scheme.
# All booking classes will not necessarily be available on all routes